As I purchased a ticket for “Small Mouth Sounds” at Ars Nova on W 54th St in NYC, I wondered what the audience karma would be like. Would going solo make one stand out?

Instructions were to come early - late comers would not be permitted to enter. Doors didn’t open until 30 minutes before the performance.

Audience members congregated in front of the theatre, many were solo because they were meeting up with someone at the theatre. Like me, some were actually solo.

Lots of opportunity for chit chat. The topic of how did people find out about the show and what they knew about it was a easy lead in. The show is set at a silent retreat.

I discovered that audience members were intrigued about the show and enjoyed getting the urge to talk out of their system before the show begin.

I learned about other interesting shows running, got museum recommendations and before I knew it, the show began.

What kind of shows do you attend where the networking as solo traveler is easier than usual?